02 Apr

Would you buy a car based on a line drawing? Probably not right? Yet so many home builders have one or two exterior renderings and a one dimensional old school floor plan on their websites and nothing else to show potential customers! This boggles my mind! We in the building business can easily look at a plan and imagine to some degree what it will look like. But the layman doesn't have this ability. Yet studies show that homebuyers care equally about the inside and the outside when purchasing. Volume ceilings are particulary hard to visualize for buyers. A robust website with fresh on point visual aids shows customers that your company is ahead of the pack, has attention to detail and helps them to move into the space mentally. It lets them know that they are dealing with a builder who takes pride in presentation. We can help with 3d renderings, 3d floor plans, and animated walk through videos expertly designed to meet your market. Let's schedule a call or Teams meeting to discuss how we can work with your team seamlessly to make that happen! 

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